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Tramex Travel is a RailEurope provider. For schedules and pricing information:

p: 800-527-3039


  • I just wanted you to know I had an AMAZING trip. I would definitely recommend Trafalgar Tours to anyone. The director we had was Nellie Sullivan, I cannot say anything bad. If I go back at a later date, I would request her. Also, the rooms at the hotels were excellent!! I had a wonderful view at all of them and the hotel staff were so nice. I am an official Bridge Climber Member!! It was a little rough in areas but it was so fun, and to be able to say I climbed! The Great Barrier Reef - there are no words. To have snorkeled there was a dream of a lifetime for me. Thank you again - I'll be thinking where I want to go on my next big adventure.

  • LeEtta, Austin, TX

Tramex Testimonials
  • "My husband and I have used Tramex Travel since 2005 for all our international vacations. Specifically, agent Dalia N. While the internet is limitless in its options for planning such a vacation, it lacks human connection. The connection we've made with Dalia over the years is second to none as she is extremely knowledgable, kind, friendly, funny, and down to earth. She has managed to make each vacation better than the year before. One of our favorite things about Tramex Travel is that we can make payments on a vacation and have it completely paid for by the time we leave for our trip and not have to worry about interest if we had paid by credit card. Dalia will forever be our travel agent as she knows tons of people in tons of destinations and can always get us the best deal for our money."
  • -Melissa L., Austin, TX
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